Kokopelli - Flute Player

The name ‘Cocopelli’ was inspired by the image of an ancient deity, a trickster, a traveler and a trader depicted as a rock art figure among the ancient Native American tribes of New Mexico.

Kokopelli was known as 'The Joy Bringer', a mystical merrymaker who traveled from village to village, playing a flute, spreading happiness with his music and good humor. He is often pictured with a humpback, which many believe was actually a basket, with which he carried away our troubles. Some see him also as an ancient Aztec trader who carried around sacks filled with goods, mostly seeds, and as such was welcome during corn-planting season.

It is said that Kokopelli brings good luck to those who receive him, stimulates creativity, brings prosperity for those who listened to his songs, helps dreams come through, brings abundance, happiness and joy, has healing powers and brings harmony as well as unity. 
  Cocopelli humbly attempts to follow its namesake’s footpath. 
  Our mission is to bring prosperity
to those who decide to join 
  our network; help the dreams of great savings at a short time 
  come true
. The abundance of resources around the world brings 
  our members a great number of opportunities, out of which we 
  can help you choose the best possible for you. As a trader,     
  Cocopelli, just like the Kokopelli ancestor, comes handy at the   
  times of great need for assistance in planting ideas, which will in 
  future give most valuable crops.
Let us carry away your troubles with selling your valuable surplus equipment or finding any type of equipment you might be in need for. Let Cocopelli be the symbol of a Good Spirit, bringing harmony in your everyday quest for cheap and reliable networking equipment.